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We Can help
If you have been bullied, harassed, or treated differently because you have raised or complained about discrimination in the workplace you may be able to bring a further claim for victimization.

Ring today for confidential advice, you do not have suffer discrimination and have a employer ruin your life.

You do not have to be treated like a second class citizen in the workplace. You have rights in the various tribunal systems for compensation, an apology or counseling assistance if required.

Please be aware of the following timelines:

One year to lodge a discrimination complaint.
These timlines are strictly enforced. If you have a legimate reason for being outside these timelines you may still be able to lodge a claim, call us to discuss your situation.

Unlawful Discrimination in the Workplace

disability_discrimination The meaning of unlawful discrimination and harassment under Australian Law is generally not very well understood by many people. On this page we aim to explain what these terms mean and give examples of situations where they come up.

We are Australia's leading Non Lawyer Workplace Representatives and can effectively represent you if you have been unlawfully discriminated against. Please contact us for a free confidential discussion regarding your situation

You are entitled to justice and a fair go. You shouldn't suffer because of your employer, their failure to act on your complaints or your collegue. If you have been unlawfully discriminated against, you may be able to make a complaint. Give us a call to find out your eligibility.

What is unlawful discrimination?

Unlawful Discrimination in the workplace is when an employer treats an employee differently because of one of the following things:

(The list below, particularly the explanations is not exhaustive)

  • Sex/Gender Discrimination:

    This is when you are treated differently because you are a woman or a man.
  • Age Discrimination:

    If you face discrimination because your employer thinks you are too old or young.
  • Impairment/mental disability Discrimination:

    This involves being intimidated, ridiculed, insulted, not allowed to work, given lessor duties, laughed at or ostracized because of your injury, disability or circumstances.
  • Marital/Parental Discrimination:

    When you are treated differently because of your Marital Status, or are given less tasks and opportinities to expand your career because of your obligations as a parent.
  • Racial Discrimination:

    This includes comments being made about your race, being sacked because of who you are or getting different treatment in the organisation compared to people of other races.
  • Pregnacy Discrimination:

    When you are moved to lessor duties or lose your seniority, are sacked, made redundant whilst on maternity leave, or are not given a reasonable adjustment of hours on return to the workplace after your maternity leave.
  • Religious Discrimination:

    You should not be asked to do things that go against your religious beliefs or discriminated against in any way because of what you believe.
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination:

    Your sexual orientation or preference should have no bearing on how your employer treats you.
  • Industrial Activity Discrimination:

    If you are sacked or made redundant because you were a member of a trade union, participated in a trade unions activities or acted as a rep for the union, you have been discriminated against. The same goes for if you were sacked because you did not do any of the previously mentioned activities.
  • School Discrimination:

    This involves being bullied at school, treated differently from other students by teachers, administrators or parents.

If you have faced any of the above types of unlawful discrimination, you shouldn't let your employer get away with it. You are protected by legislation and should fight for your right to fair treatment. Call us to get free advice about what you can do.

What do I do if I have been unlawfully discriminated against?

If you believe that you have been unlawfully discriminated against in your employment and the action occurred or continued to occur after 1 July 2009, you can lodge a complaint with the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Our representatives at A Whole New Approach are trained to work with you to ensure your complaint is lodged correctly as well as liasing with your employer to ensure you get the best result possible.

We recomend calling us as soon as you think an act of discrimination has occured as there are strict deadlines before which complaints have to be lodged.

For more information about any of the categories listed above, click on the links on the left hand side of the site. You can also call us for a chat and a verbal description of what discrimination means and if you have grounds to lodge a claim.


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